Spudz Chips - Original Chips
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Original Chips

Flavor Profile: Full-Flavored, Real Potato/Non-Greasy Crunch

Description: Our robust, crunchy, Original Chip shames its competitors with a true, smooth, potato-y flavor that’s never greasy. Spudz original, batch crafted potato chips leave you with one thing on the mind – More Spudz!

Spudz Chips - Kentucky BBQ Chips
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Kentucky BBQ

Flavor Profile: Sweet BBQ/Tangy Finish

Description: A smooth and sweet BBQ, this flavor represents all the passion and craftsmanship that Kentucky Bourbon Country stands for. Slightly sweet on the pallet at first – it follows with a strong, tasty, BBQ zest. Always a bestseller!

Spudz Chips - Begeezus Spicy BBQ Chips
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BeGEEzus Spicy BBQ

Flavor Profile: Tomato-y BBQ / Robust Heat

Description: BeGeezus! They’re spicy! This delightful flavor is actually designed not to overwhelm initially. At first bite, it stays true to its BBQ roots – delivering a rich, tomato-y BBQ taste – before following up with some real kick to your buds!

Spudz Chips - Cheese and Onion Chips
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Cheese & Onion

Flavor Profile: Salt/Red Onion/Smooth Cheese

Description: A real favorite across the Pond, this one delivers a rich, cheesy taste followed by a little kick from our fresh red onion blend. A tasty but not overpowering flavor, it finishes with an almost creamy smoothness – making it a superb accompaniment to almost any sandwich.

Spudz Chips - Ripple Chips
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Ripple Chips

Flavor Profile: Crunchy Potato / Smooth Finish

Description: A crunchy, full-flavored delight, this ripped bad boy is the party go-to, the perfect complement to your favorite dips. Go ahead – double-dip (no one’s watching!) 

Spudz Chips - Home Salt and Vinegar Chips
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Salt & Vinegar

Flavor Profile: Vinegar/Eye-Squint/Salt

Description: Wow! Not for the faint of heart, Spudz Salt & Vinegar is for the real vinegar lover. Large, flavorful chips with a seasoning that doesn’t hold back!

Spudz Chips - Home - Irish Sampler Preview
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Irish Variety Pack

Flavor Profile: Spudz Salt & Vinegar (for the real vinegar lover!) + Cheese & Onion. The perfect sampler.

Description: Spudz Salt & Vinegar chips and four 1.75oz bags of Spudz Cheese & Onion chips.

Spudz Chips - Home - Irish Sampler Pack
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Flavor Profile: Kettle, Caramel, Cheese, and Hot & Spicy flavored popcorn.

Description: Delicious flavored popcorn. All flavors come in a case of 6 bags.